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Heritage Timber Frames is a collective of timber frame construction craftsmen following centuries old processes that exemplify your modern vision. We specialize in custom timber frame design and fabrication, creating custom timber frame homes, commercial properties and public space design.

Small in size but large in experience. We’ve out-punched our weight creating some of Alberta’s most inspired timber frame homes, commercial and public projects. Heritage Timber Frames is the place to truly create something extraordinary giving you the attention, service and skills that will last for hundreds of years to come. Our team is dedicated to you with direct contact to our owners.

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The true awesomeness of what we do comes through in the designs we create. From the sheer size and scale of the timbers to the interpretation and the craft involved to construct it, we use our experience and creativity to design modern art for everyday fine living. We listen, interpret and execute on your vision to create something that exceeds your every expectation.

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With timbers on the ground we sculpt the simple beauty of size, joints, sockets and joins. Every timber receives the true craft of our collective. We test fit every piece ensuring precision construction and visual aesthetics that will be admired for centuries to come. We respect the materials, the process and the fit of timber frames to ensure centuries of awe and admiration.

heritage timber frames


On average, each timber can weigh from 80 – 400 pounds. Each timber has a place and it’s an art how we get it constructed. We  adhere to all safety regulations and employment standards within Canada. Safety and quality are ensured for your project. Plus it’s amazing to watch us work, sometimes an entire home will be erected in one day!

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Complete project management of your timber frame house or building is often the nature of our game. We can complete the full extent of your project, managing sub-contractors, planning, permits and zoning – not just the timber frame portion. We have the management and experience to build to lock-up stage all the way to your final walk-through if needed.

Featured Projects

The Art of Construction

Modern Architects celebrate and show how the construction was completed. Timber Frame construction has always proudly displayed the huge, natural beams and the finely crafted joinery. A process thousands of years old, interpreted in your modern vision. Timber frame construction was the way homes were constructed from the earliest centuries throughout the globe because they don’t just last one lifetime—they last for generations.

No nails, screws or metalwork is the hallmark of fine Timber Frame construction, instead we use interlocking dove tails, mortise and tenon, scarf joints, housings and keys. Not only are timber frames incredibly beautiful, they are the very best in structural soundness. Dreams that last lifetimes